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Dvaro g. 7, Paliesiaus kaimas, Mielagėnų seniūnija, Ignalinos raj.

Brief history

…in 1671 Tyzenahauzai family are mentioned as the owners of Paliesius Manor.

in 1763 the Manor was owned by Justina and Petras Kublickas, the estate included the main house with the chapel, a servants hall, stables, ice-house, barns and a sauna. The estate was known for its vast library.

after 1864 Manor has changed owners many times, the last in 1921 being Romualdas Bzezinskis. Following 1940 the Manor was passed on to local collective farm.

in 1947 the main Manor house was still standing and was taken apart brick by brick by the locals. Stolen bricks were used as construction material for personal estates.

in 2008 a family living under the roof of the Supervisors house looked over a bundle of domestic animals. Thankfully this helped preserve a part of the house.

in 2011 reconstruction of the Manor commenced. It is one of the best restoration projects in Lithuania, lead by architect James Ferguson and project coordinator Daina Ferguson.